About Us

Started in 1989 as an Auto Detailing shop and cleaning commercial businesses at night. We progressed into power washing in 1991 and closed the detailing shop in 1994. What started as one small hot water trailer mounted power washer has now turned into 5 hot water pressure washers and 5 trucks. We now wash more than 700 Homes and commercial jobs each year. We clean more than 200 roofs each year. Hall’s also does more than 200 asphalt sealcoating jobs each year. We offer Driveway & Parking lot Sealcoating. We take great pride in our trucks & equipment. We have the best trained staff of any power wash company anywhere.

Meet Our Crew


Gary started the business in 1989. He started out by cleaning restaurants and businesses at night and detailing cars during the day. Moved to full time power washing in 1993.


June the real boss since 1989.  Handles all the office work and loves to talk on the phone. She loves spending time with the grandkids and shopping. 


Mike been here 23 years and is the general manager. Mike Passwaters enjoys hunting & fishing. He is Dad to 3 kids; Jordon, Bailey and Sawyer, and husband to Leslie, residing in Milford.


Jordan aka Buck our grandson and Mike’s son he is now 17. He has been hanging out in the shop since before he could walk. Has been working with the sealcoat crew since age 10. 2016 was his first year of power washing homes and not just scrubbing gutters & windows. He is a member of the Milford Bucs wrestling team and also into lacrosse.